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2nd Annual Roanoke Writers’ Conference


If you’re in the Dallas area, come check out the Roanoke Writers’ Conference September 2 & 3. Registration is now open! I’ll be teaching a workshop there, “5 Ways to Go From Ordinary to Dazzling.” And there will be a ton of other amazing speakers and presenters attending.

For more info and registration: http://rpltx.com/writers/conference

Keynote Speaker is Tex Thompson!! She is awesome if you haven’t heard her teach yet. Don’t miss it!

Also presenting: J. Kathleen Cheney, Melanie Fletcher, Kristi, Hutson, Kevin Kaiser, William Ledbetter, Sarah MacTavish, Jenny Martin, Henry McLaughlin, Michelle Muenzler, and Shawn Scarber.

Writing Mentors: Frank Ball, Justin Cartlidge, J. Kathleen Cheney, and Debbie Rodia.

This will be a fabulous conference! I hope to see you there!


Writing News

This fall has been a blast in the writing world. I blogged earlier about the Writers of the Future Finalist short story, but I also have another short story that earned Silver Honorable Mention in the 3rd Quarter Contest! That means it made the top 50 of those entered. I’m thrilled with that! And of course, I’m anxiously anticipating the results for the new quarter. Fingers crossed!

In September, I had an awesome weekend teaching at the Roanoke Writer’s Conference. Meeting new writers–both aspiring and published–is always my favorite part of conferences. And hanging out with old writing friends as well. The best part was hearing some of the participants in my scene building workshop tell me they were inspired and had new ideas to add to their novels. 🙂 Thanks to the Roanoke Library and all those who made this event possible. Looking forward to next year!

So, now, I’m busily writing and submitting more short stories, as well as finishing up the rewrite of my WIP novel, #FeedWar. My goal is to finish that project over NaNoWriMo rather than start a new one. If you don’t hear from me much in November, don’t worry…I’m a writer lost in a story world. 🙂


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