With summer nearly here, it seems like time for a writing update. (I know, I’m terrible at those!) My WIP novel is nearly finished and ready to begin submitting to agents. I got another request from an agent at a recent conference to send it his way when I’m done, so that’s really exciting. I’m hoping to be ready to submit later this summer.

In the meantime, I’m thrilled to say I’ve got a story coming out soon on StarShipSofa. I’ll let you guys know when it comes out. The awesome people at StarShipSofa do a podcast, so my story, On Trial, will be turned into an audio version. Pretty cool!

I also found out my Writers of the Future short story first quarter entry won Honorable Mention. 🙂

And later this summer, I’ve got a short story coming out in a new anthology. So more details to come there as well.