It’s that time of year when we reflect on what has been and look forward to what is to come. I’d love to imagine that my life has really been as perfect as it may look on Facebook or Twitter. But the reality is, most of us don’t put up the pictures of all the imperfect things in our lives. I’m no different.

Throughout this year, I’ve been learning how to become a mom (making mistake after mistake is more like it), how to be a better wife, how to manage my time for work and writing, how to be a caretaker to my aging grandparents. In a word, I’ve felt splintered. But through faith and family, I’ve managed, though not every day was pretty. I look forward to a new year. To make it better than the last.

So I thought I’d share my three words for next year.

My Three Words:

1. Completion: I’m notorious for starting a dozen projects and not finishing them all. (Just look at my laptop!) Maybe that’s the creative life I live, I don’t know. But my goal this year is to finish my WIP. The working title is #FeedWar. I plan on finishing revising and editing, and begin pitching to agents later next year.

2. Risk: As a writer, we want to share our stories, but at the same time, that can be so scary. What if people hate them? What if they love them? Does anyone really want to read what I’ve written? The only way to find out is to risk putting those stories out there and see what happens.

My short story, Skinners, is almost ready to be released. We had some water damage at our house over the holidays, so the release will be delayed a little too early spring. I’m nervous about it but excited to see it out there. This will be a first in self-publishing for me. An adventure to see how the process works, and hopefully an open door to put more stories out there as the months go by.

3. Blink: Time goes by so fast. As soon as I blink, it seems my little girl (already 16 months old) changes into a big girl. This year, she started walking and talking, running and climbing. I don’t want to spend the year wishing I’d spent more time with her or my husband, or my family and friends. Family and faith come first. I have lofty writing goals. Stories spinning in my head that I have to get down on paper. I’ve been reading some books on how to write faster and how to manage your writing life. Hopefully, those tips will help so I can spend the most time I can with those I love.

Bring in the New Year!

Best wishes to you all. I’m ready. I’m excited. How about you?