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#FeedWar (Adult Science Fiction)—West Side Story waged in a dark, digital future.

With a few strokes of the keyboard, data sniper Reef Gibson can change anyone’s identity. She can make them a murderer, a rapist, a serial killer. Or use the data to kill them. But now, Reef is caught up in a cyber gang war where her family is on the line.

Reef and her deadly Feeder crew are feuding for control of FeedTower—the world’s largest social network. But Reef’s mother is dying. When she discovers a life-saving drug, the lone seller turns out to be an old flame from a rival crew. In return, he wants the FeedTower data—enough to control millions of people. But so does Reef’s vicious boss. If Reef doesn’t succeed, her mother will die…but if she does, countless innocents will instead. Let the #FeedWar begin.

The Breakout (YA Science Fiction)

In a future where society is classified by DNA, teenager Trina Hauk isn’t good at following the rules, despite her elite genetic designation. She’s never really fit in, kind of a loner really who has a major crush on Kalen, a boy she’s not matched to. Raised by the government, Trina has never had a choice in occupation, social standing or even love.

Until Kalen is arrested for helping her cover up her latest mistake.

Now, the only way to save him is to seek help from an unlikely ally, a mysterious teenager named Jarek who is scheduled for termination. Jarek knows the prison location, but won’t tell unless Trina breaks him out of his cell. Becoming a fugitive isn’t exactly what she had in mind. And then there’s the part where she denies her growing attraction to Jarek. Pulled between the pre-determined life she’s always had and her forbidden love, Trina must choose who to trust…and who to save.

  • 2012 Launch Pad Contest grand prize winner by Novel Rocket
  • Read the first chapter here.
  • 2013 San Francisco Writers Conference winner Children’s/YA Category
  • For more on the inspiration behind the novel, check out A Heart for Romania.

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