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DFW Writers Conference

DFW Writers Conference



I’m going to be teaching about Creating Compelling Female SFF Characters at this year’s Dallas-Fort Worth Writers Conference, also known as DFWCon. It’s May 6-7 in downtown Dallas. There will be 81 lectures, panels and interactive workshops for you to choose from over the weekend. Doesn’t matter what your skill level or genre is, the classes will help you intensify your writing career. And there will be 14 literary agents from around the country, flying in specifically to meet and talk with Texas writers like you. Join me! It’s going to be a fun and productive weekend. You can find out more and register at
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Indie Author Brunch


I’ll be at the Roanoke Public Library Saturday, March 18th for the Indie Author Brunch. It’s going to be a lot of fun and a chance to meet local authors, hear their tales of publishing. I hope to see you there!


My Pitch Wars Interview

A couple of months ago, I was chosen to be a mentee in the 2016 Pitch Wars Contest, hosted by Brenda Drake. Approximately 2,000 hopeful novelists submitted their manuscripts, and about 125 were chosen. I’ve been busily working with my awesome mentor, Dan Malossi, for the past two months to make my manuscript, #FeedWar, ready to submit to agents. I’m nearing the end–the agent showcase is coming up next week, so I’ll post the info for that later. But my Pitch Wars interview is up, and I thought I’d share. There’s info about my book and my mentor, so I hope you enjoy!

My Pitch Wars Interview for #FeedWar:


(Photo Credit:

I’m excited to be part of Pitch Wars 2016, and hope to bring you some great news soon about my book! Fingers crossed!!


On Trial is on StarShipSofa


My flash fiction story, On Trial, is on StarShipSofa today. I’m excited to be on the show and hope you guys enjoy the story. The amazing Setsu Uzume narrates the story, and she does a fantastic job! The show also hosts Effie Sieberg’s tale Rocket Surgery, so check it out, too!

So thanks to everyone at StarShipSofa, including the amazing host, Tony C. Smith, and awesome editor, Jeremy Szal, for having my story on the show and doing a great job as always.

Listen Here

Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think!

StarShipSofa No 450 Effie Seiberg and Rachelle Harp



2nd Annual Roanoke Writers’ Conference


If you’re in the Dallas area, come check out the Roanoke Writers’ Conference September 2 & 3. Registration is now open! I’ll be teaching a workshop there, “5 Ways to Go From Ordinary to Dazzling.” And there will be a ton of other amazing speakers and presenters attending.

For more info and registration:

Keynote Speaker is Tex Thompson!! She is awesome if you haven’t heard her teach yet. Don’t miss it!

Also presenting: J. Kathleen Cheney, Melanie Fletcher, Kristi, Hutson, Kevin Kaiser, William Ledbetter, Sarah MacTavish, Jenny Martin, Henry McLaughlin, Michelle Muenzler, and Shawn Scarber.

Writing Mentors: Frank Ball, Justin Cartlidge, J. Kathleen Cheney, and Debbie Rodia.

This will be a fabulous conference! I hope to see you there!


2nd & Starlight is Live


I’m so thrilled to say that the 2nd & Starlight Anthology is now live on Amazon. One of my Silver Honorable Mention stories from the Writers of the Future Contest is included. I’m happy to be a part of such a fabulous collection of stories and to be among so many amazing authors.

Here’s the blurb about what’s inside:
Journey into the future where androids fight our wars, and into magical lands where fiances are turned into… cows. From deep space to war-torn countrysides, these eleven tales will whisk you far away to other lands, and into the dark mind of a supernatural being.

My story is Ghosts to My Fingertips. The inspiration behind the piece comes from my grandfather, a WWII vet. I grew up not knowing much about his war experiences until I was in middle school when he finally told me about the German buzz bombs flying over the ordnance base he was stationed at. One day, he heard the engine of a bomb cut off, so he dove under his bunk. That day, he was the lone survivor in the bunkhouse.

I had never realized before that moment he almost wasn’t my grandpa. To me, he’d always been the one who babysat me or fixed things when they were broken. Since then, he’s shared many other stories over the years, and now I realize he’s my grandpa and a hero. I wrote this story for him, all with a sci-fi twist of course.

So check out the anthology and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy!


Summer Writing Update

With summer nearly here, it seems like time for a writing update. (I know, I’m terrible at those!) My WIP novel is nearly finished and ready to begin submitting to agents. I got another request from an agent at a recent conference to send it his way when I’m done, so that’s really exciting. I’m hoping to be ready to submit later this summer.

In the meantime, I’m thrilled to say I’ve got a story coming out soon on StarShipSofa. I’ll let you guys know when it comes out. The awesome people at StarShipSofa do a podcast, so my story, On Trial, will be turned into an audio version. Pretty cool!

I also found out my Writers of the Future short story first quarter entry won Honorable Mention. 🙂

And later this summer, I’ve got a short story coming out in a new anthology. So more details to come there as well.


Writing News

This fall has been a blast in the writing world. I blogged earlier about the Writers of the Future Finalist short story, but I also have another short story that earned Silver Honorable Mention in the 3rd Quarter Contest! That means it made the top 50 of those entered. I’m thrilled with that! And of course, I’m anxiously anticipating the results for the new quarter. Fingers crossed!

In September, I had an awesome weekend teaching at the Roanoke Writer’s Conference. Meeting new writers–both aspiring and published–is always my favorite part of conferences. And hanging out with old writing friends as well. The best part was hearing some of the participants in my scene building workshop tell me they were inspired and had new ideas to add to their novels. 🙂 Thanks to the Roanoke Library and all those who made this event possible. Looking forward to next year!

So, now, I’m busily writing and submitting more short stories, as well as finishing up the rewrite of my WIP novel, #FeedWar. My goal is to finish that project over NaNoWriMo rather than start a new one. If you don’t hear from me much in November, don’t worry…I’m a writer lost in a story world. 🙂


Writers of the Future Finalist!!

5953918Back in March of this year, I submitted a short story to the Writers of the Future Contest. It was my second time to enter–the first was a pretty swift rejection, which I expected. Kind of the story of  a writer’s life, right? I kept waiting for the bad news to come, but my inbox was largely silent other than the email updates about other contest quarter info or events going on. I finally received an email in June that my story had yet to be judged, but should be soon…

Another couple of months passed, and no word. Now I’m not the kind of person that enjoys suspense in my own life, although I write those kind of stories. I can rarely keep Christmas or birthday presents secret (my family teases me all the time about that!). And I hate it when my husband tells me he knows what he’s going to get me three months ahead of time (I think he does that just to mess with me sometimes).

So I tried to forget about it, and just assume the contest was running slow, and my rejection was in the queue.

At the beginning of August, I got an call from Unknown that went to voicemail. I didn’t hear my phone ring, but heard the beep about an hour later. It was a message from Joni Labaqui from Writers of the Future asking me to give her a call back. Wow, I was stunned! I called her back, and she gave me the good news–I was a finalist for the second quarter!! After many happy jumps, I sent a few excited emails to family and friends. Then more waiting as my story was being passed up to the next round of judges.


More waiting.

This is worse than Christmas waiting.

All the waiting stuff I’m awful at. But, really the wait wasn’t that long (though it seemed that way as I was dying to know results). About a week later, the second Unknown call came. Alas, I was not a winner this time, but at least I knew my fate. (Breath normal again.) And now I can say, I’m a Writers of the Future Finalist! How cool is that? And I’m still entering new stories and trying again. 🙂 So fingers crossed!

The Q2 announcement is up on the WOTF blog now, so I thought I’d share my journey thus far. Thousands enter each year. My short story was in the top eight for the quarter. Of course, I wish all the winners congrats!! And hopefully, I’ll be able to find this story a good home so I can share it with you all soon!

Photo Courtesy Writers of the Future


Post DFW Writers Conference

I love going to writers conferences. Every time, I feel motivated and encouraged to keep writing the best stories I can. This past weekend, I was blessed to have my closest writing friends with me at the DFW Writers Conference. And, I was fortunate to make many new friends as well.

This year’s speaker line-up was fabulous–hearing from writing giants like Steven James, Kevin J. Anderson, Shilo Harris, and Charlaine Harris among others. Where else can you meet such cool authors all in one place? Amazing and inspiring.

“Always give the readers what they want or something better as you’re shaping your stories.” ~ Steven James

So, I’ve got new ideas brewing in my head, and of course, I can’t wait to finish this revision of my WIP novel and get it out there! Here goes!


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