I am a geek. No doubt about it. I write science fiction, love everything Star Wars and Star Trek related, am a Browncoat at heart…and I was in band. When my husband and I were on our first date (way back when), we played Star Wars Monopoly. (I kicked his butt, of course.)

So in honor of my total geekiness, I thought I’d share my favorite geeky websites. Hope you enjoy!

  1. thinkgeek.com – The one place online you can buy stuff related to anything geeky you like. It’s a dangerous place, because you’ll find a ton of stuff you must have.
  2. nerdreactor.com – Latest news on movies, books, conventions – whatever is nerd related. And they have a cool t-shirt store, too. 🙂
  3. nerdist.com – They’ve got podcasts, video, and nerd-related articles to keep you up-to-date in nerd-land. Plus, another store to buy witty nerd-related stuff.
  4. netflix.com – Sure, you have to buy a monthly subscription, but you can watch episodes of Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate, Dr. Who, Eureka, Arrow, and a zillion other geeky shows. Who wouldn’t love that?
  5. YouTube.com – Free clips of all the above-mentioned sci-fi/geeky shows plus parodies and other creative sci-fi inspired videos. Did I mention free?
  6. www.kaboooooom.com – A hub for news and other musings about anything sci-fi/fantasy/geek related. Including comic books, tv, movies, books, conventions, etc.
  7. almostnerdy.com – If you want nerd humor, archives full of nerd related news and info, or even a list of more nerdy websites, check them out.

Of course, there are hundreds more out there, but these are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy exploring your geeky side!